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1 Piece Language Institute is looking for an experienced full time TOEFL instructor to teach in Dalian, China.

? We are a relatively small school, with an enrollment being at 70-80 students.
? All of our students are Korean.
? The majority of our classes are TOEFL classes. We also have some general English classes, as well as SAT classes.
? During the regular semester (i.e. Sept - Dec, Mar - July), most of our classes are on the weekend, with a few classes scattered throughout the week. Teachers are given two days off a week.
? During the "vacation" period, the students study intensively at our school, meaning that teachers work M-F and have weekends off.
? We have students of all ages, but the majority of them are 12-18 years old.
? There are usually opportunities to pick up some optional private tutoring hours (which pay well).

Shared accommodation is offered. Base salary starts at 7,000 RMB. More can be offered depending on experience, qualifications, etc.

We need a teacher by the end of August.

Additional Information

  • Contact person: sammi
  • Phone number: 0571-88165968
  • Current location: Dalian
  • Address: dalian
  • Email:

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