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Bird flies 1,700 km on Air China flight to Chengdu

A live bird made a 1,700-kilometer trip across China by flying coach on an Air China flight on Monday, media reported. Flight crew discovered the small bird flittering about the cabin during the 2-ho  Read more »

China lodges protest with Britain over Hong Kong affairs

China on Wednesday lodged solemn protests with Britain over the meetings between high-ranking British officials and the Hong Kong opposition. "What Britain has done is interference in China's interna  Read more »

Sports lotteries the big winner at World Cup

Apart from watching games and drinking beer with friendsat midnight, Shen Yiren, a 27-year-old salesman in Shenzhen, found another way to participate in the soccer carnival: buying sports lottery tick  Read more »

Oslo, Almaty, Beijing named as 2022 Winter Olympic Games candidates

Oslo, Almaty and Beijing were confirmed as the official candidates to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games on Monday even though an International Olympic Committee (IOC) -report found -several weak-ness  Read more »

Beijing makes list for 2022 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee has retained three bid cities in the race for the 2022 Winter Olympics - Beijing, Oslo and Almaty, Kazakhstan. The three were the only remaining contenders after a  Read more »

100 days since Malaysia Airlines plane MH370 disappeared

It’s been 100 days since the Beijing-bound Malaysia Airlines flight lost contact with air traffic control. Malaysian acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein says Malaysia will not give up the s  Read more »

Two students offered university admissions after bus rescue

Ten days ago, two high school seniors confronted a man wielding a knife on a bus. Their bravery saved the lives of many passengers, but left the students injured and unable to write the national colle  Read more »

16 Shocking Facts about China's Economy, Production and Natural Resources

China's enormous population and massive size makes it so that its industrial production and consumption of natural resources are alarmingly high. An American website recently listed 16 shocking facts   Read more »

Top 50 Financially Attractive Cities in China: Shanghai First, Chongqing Last

Value Line, the investment research firm, recently released their list of the top 50 financially attractive cities in China. Unsurprisingly, Shanghai came in first with the distinction of being the mo  Read more »

A taste of French Open in China

The 2014 French Open will kick off in less than two weeks. The "Roland -Garros in China" will also be brought back to the country for the third straight year. As a gift from France to China to cel  Read more »

University in Hunan Offers Outrageously Luxurious ‘BMW’ Courses

Costing over ten million RMB, and only taking 30 students a year, the BMW course includes travelling by plane, staying in a five star hotel, getting complimentary tea and coffee during class and upon   Read more »

Chinese aircraft spots suspicious objects in MH370 search area

The crew aboard a Chinese IL-76 plane spotted some suspicious objects in the southern Indian Ocean on Monday in search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 off Australia.The crew has reported th  Read more »

Satellite images may help solve mystery of missing flight

France provided satellite images to Malaysia on Sunday of objects that could be from a passenger jet that has been missing for more than two weeks, and officials are hoping they will help solve the my  Read more »

Beijing may raise bus and metro fares this year

A Beijing official indicated on Thursday that the city may raise bus and metro fares in the second half of this year. However, Zhao Lei, the vice director of the Beijing Development and Reform Commis  Read more »

Hebei to ease pressure on Beijing population

North China's Hebei province plans to build 90,000 low-rent apartments for people who work in Beijing in an effort to ease the population pressure in the capital and boost the local economy. "The pro  Read more »

Chinese internet giants move into the U.S.

As China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba prepares for an IPO in the U.S, other Chinese internet heavyweights are also considering IPO destinations, with America remaining a hot spot. The titans of the wo  Read more »

Australian authorities locate possible debris of missing MH370, dispatch aircraft

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced on Thursday that objects possibly related to the search for the missing Malaysian flight MH370 had been found in the southern Indian Ocean. Addressing P  Read more »

Thai radar may have detected missing Malaysian jet

A Thai air force radar station has detected the signal of an unidentified aircraft that departed from Malaysia and flew northward but later diverted possibly to the Strait of Malacca, air force chief   Read more »

No clue found yet after 6 days of search for missing Malaysian jet

No solid clue over the whereabouts of a missing Malaysian airplane has been found after six days of an intensive search, which involved a dozen of countries. More than 80 ships and planes from Malaysi  Read more »

Woman Pretended to Commit Suicide to Make Husband Appreciate Her

On the evening of March 6, a woman in Fuyang, Zhejiang, attempted suicide by jumping into a river. After two days of scouring the river, the family got a call and said that she had been found, 300 km   Read more »

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