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BankingTalents Co. Ltd. China's economy is growing rapidly and is poised for even greater growth with the liberation of more industries in the coming years. With growth comes competition for market shares, new clients and other yardsticks of measure. To excel in highly competitive markets, one of the key initiatives employers have to take will be "banking" on their "talents" (employees) to out-pace competitors. As firm believers of talents being a key differentiators, and being an executive search provider, we call ourselves BankingTalents. BankingTalents Co., Ltd was incorporated in 2005 in Shanghai. Our founding members are experienced human resources practitioners in the PRC and regional countries, with intimate knowledge of the industry. In 2008, BankingTalents merged with T-Lion's Consultants Co., Ltd - incorporated in 2001 and a leading legal recruiter in the PRC. BankingTalents believes that legal and banking/finance will be the twin pillars that will propel the growth in the PRC. These are the also the two industries that we focus in recruiting talents. Website:

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  • Contact person: Amy Zhou
  • Phone number: 0571-88165681
  • Current location: Beijing
  • Address: Suite 2109, Tower B, Far East International Plaza. 317 Xianxia Road
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