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Job seeker FAQ

1. Why should I Register

To be able to use all the tools we provide and to get access to all sections of the site you need to register. Registering an account at is free.

2. How to apply for a work visa?

A: First prepare your passport copy. Four passport photos, application letter, recommendation letter, health check report (you must get the form the local china embassy).Then mail them to the school. After the school teacher get it. They will go to the immigration office to apply for a work visa. It takes them some days to post the invitation paper to you. You will get a work visa from the Chinese embassy directly.

3. How to apply for the Teaching in China program?

A: If you would like to teach in China, please follow these steps below: 1.You fill in the CV form and submit it ,we will answer you soon 2. Keep in touch with us while we are contacting with schools. Meanwhile, further information about the Teaching in China program will be sent to you upon request. 3. Receive the offer from Chinese schools with additional documents (to be submitted with initial application): - Brief essay on how the program will benefit you and what you will contribute to the program. Also indicate in your essay if you are applying for a full academic year or semester, beginning in late August or February. - Copy of your diploma/degree certificate or most recent transcript - Copy of the photo page of your passport - Names and contact information of two references - Available date to start teaching in China - Two passport size photos.

4. How do I know that it is a Chinese government authorized education institution that I will be working for?

AAlmost all schools that are numbered are Government schools. For example, Shenyang Number 1 Middle School. For official verification it is possible to phone the Chinese Consulate in your country to confirm that the school is in fact a Chinese Government school.

5. What additional information must I include in my resume/CV?

AWhen you submit your application, please do not forget to provide the following list of information in your CV/resume. It is crucial to the efficient processing of your application and arrangement of your Work Permit. If you fail answer all the questions your application may not be processed Full Name (Exactly as it appears in your passport) DOB (Date of Birth): Citizenship: Gender: First language: MS (marital status): Your Present Address: Whether you have any teaching and/or instructional experience Sample Application Form

6. Why does my online resume not show my email address? How will prospective employers contact me?

AWhen you click "apply" button, your resume information is automatically sent to the employer, allowing you and that employer to correspond through web-based form. If you list your email address, you can expect to be spammed. Address-harvesting robots will spider everywhere and extract them. So remove them wherever possible. This will drastically cut down the amount of spam you receive.

7. Where can I find employers' e-mail address and how do I respond to job offer?

AWhen you receive an e-mail detailing a job offer, do not reply directly to the e-mail sender. If you want to reply, click on the URL link at that e-mail.

8. Why didn't I receive a reply?

APlease check to see if any of the following has occurred: 1, Your e-mail account is full. 2, your e-mail filter put email into its junk folder. 3, you set your online resume in "sleep" status.

9. I have accepted a job with a school and am satisfied. How can I stop receiving offers from other schools?

AYou can use your ID and password to "sign in" , then in the "update" menu, change your "active" status to "sleep". This will indicate that you are currently hired and your file will not appear online. After this, you should receive no further invitations. If you would like to look again in the future, simply change your status, the same way, back to "active". Your resume will once again be available online and you should begin to receive new offers shortly.

10. I'm interested in comparing my current offer to other schools. How can I do this?

AIt's easy. If you register your ID here then you can find other offers.

11. I sent my application online but received no response. Why?

ADid you also submit your resume? Applications are often submitted without resumes to schools that receive many applications at once. Some employers will contact you after your online application requesting a resume, but not always. If you are truly interested in the job, you should attach your resume from the start. There is an option on the online application form to send a resume as well.