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Sidel is one of the world's leaders in solutions for packaging liquid foods including water, soft drinks, milk, sensitive beverages, edible oil, beer and alcoholic beverages. 西得乐是世界上水、软饮料、牛奶、敏感性饮料、食用油、啤酒及酒精饮料等液态食品包装解决方案的主要供应商之一。 In China, Sidel's Packaging & Tooling center in Shanghai offers the full range of plastic bottling manufacturing services including bottle shape design and mold production. In Beijing, Sidel has recently invested 35 million euros in a new 40,000 sqm facility. Completed in mid 2008, the plant is Sidel's first multi-product facility and it will assemble all equipment found on Sidel's complete lines, from blow-molding to palletizing. 在中国,西得乐上海向客户提供的是齐全的塑料瓶装生产线服务,它包含了瓶型设计和模具的配套生产。在北京3500万欧元的投资,40000平方米的北京西得乐工厂已于2008年年中全面建成,这是西得乐第一家聚集多样产品设备的工厂,从吹瓶到堆垛,西得乐整线产品的所有装配设备都将在这里完成。 This new stage in Sidel's Chinese expansion is part of the company's strategy to increase proximity to customers to better understand and respond to their needs. It also reflects Sidel's long-term commitment to serving its Asian customers. 在中国的扩建是西得乐公司战略的一个新台阶,目的是拉近与客户的距离,更好的与客户沟通并满足他们的需求。同时也遵守了西得乐集团服务亚洲客户的长期承诺。 Sidel is one of Tetra Laval's three industry divisions along with Tetra Pak and DeLaval. Tetra Laval is a private industry group of Swedish origins, now headquartered in Switzerland. 西得乐集团是利乐拉伐集团的三大工业分支之一,与利乐集团和利拉伐集团并存在利乐拉伐集团之下。利乐拉伐为一家私有工业集团公司,它成立于瑞典,总部现在瑞士。

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