About 3oLimited

3o is the provider of innovative purchasing consortia and supply chain management services with office locations in Australia, China, Europe and USA. We are a unique service company working with market leaders to aggregate their requirements for materials and services. By creating greater scale, combined with strategic and operational procurement expertise, we deliver huge profit improvement and sustainable competitive advantage. We create, implement and manage highly profitable consortia solutions, delivering a unique blend of strategic scale and supply chain management. For most organizations the purchase of certain materials or services is constrained by a lack of scale. This is 3o's heartland. We consolidate the best practices in the industry and leverage true scale in the global supply markets in which we operate. When you harness a 3o consortium you stay in control of your processes, which are 3o super-enhanced, delivering huge profit and performance improvements. We have established powerful and innovative purchasing and logistics strategies that are delivering sustainable benefits through high-performing supply chain operations.

Additional Information

  • Contact person: Ada Luo
  • Phone number: 0571-88165681
  • Current location: Guangzhou
  • Address: Room 1102, Science Center, No 638 West Huangpu Avenue, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
  • Email: knauf@126.com

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