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长安福特马自达发动机有限公司 Changan Ford Mazda Engine Co., Ltd 长安福特马自达发动机有限公司由重庆长安汽车股份有限公司、福特汽车公司、马自达汽车株式会社三家公司合资组建。公司坐落于江宁经济开发区内。总投资额逾3.5亿美元,是目前国内规模最大的发动机生产厂之一。 Changan Ford Mazda Engine Co., Ltd is a joint-venture which is invested by Chongqing Changan Automobile Corporation Ltd., Ford Motor Company and Mazda Motor Company. The company is located in the JiangNing Economic & Technological Development Zone. The total investment is over 350 million USD, which is one of the largest engine plants in China. 长安福特马自达发动机有限公司于2005年9月27日奠基开始建设,于2007年4月正式批量生产。 Changan Ford Mazda Engine Co., Ltd held the ground breaking ceremony on Sept, 27th, 2005. The company produce petrol automobile engines and reached full scale production on April, 2007. 长安福特马自达发动机有限公司将采用可变正时、TSCV(进气漩涡控制阀)等先进技术,生产具有世界先进水平的发动机系列。长安福特马自达发动机有限公司拥有先进的生产工艺,涵盖铸造、机加及装配等主要生产线,其建成投产必将推动中国汽车产业的进一步发展。 The engines which will be produced by Changan Ford Mazda Engine Co., Ltd are 'state of the art' with TSCV advanced technology, fuel efficient, and with excellent environment protection performance. ChangAn Ford Mazda Engine Co., Ltd production processes include the latest manufacturing processes for casting, machining and assembly operations. The successful launch and establishment of CFME will also help the further development of the Auto industry of China. 公司本着“同心共志,驱动未来”的理念,致力于塑造和谐的工作氛围,注重人才的培养和发展。为您提供良好的个人发展机会,我们在此诚邀您的加盟。 Based on the spirit of "POWERING THE FUTURE WITH SAME HEARTS AND WILLS", we will establish the harmony working environment by caring the employees personal development. We will provide a competitive compensation & benefits package and also training opportunities for selected employees. We will also provide you with good personal development opportunities. We welcome your interest and sincerely looking forward to seeing your application to join our company.

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