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Midea Group is a comphrehensive and morden business conglomeration engaged mainly in industry of household appliances. Established in 1968, the group has become one of the biggest manufactuers and exportation bases of eletronic appliances in China. Midea Group currently has over 80, 000 employees, and its marketing network has covered almost all the continents in the world. Growing stably and quickly has always been Midea’s characteristic. The average speed of growth was 60% in 1980s, and about 50% in 1990s. Since the commencement of the new century, the development rate of this giant has maintained over 30%. The 91 billion RMB revenue, which is over 13 billion USD, has made this company rank in the top position among China’s domestic enterprises.

Additional Information

  • Contact person: Julien Zhu
  • Phone number: 0571-88165697
  • Current location: Guangzhou
  • Address: Midea Group, Beijiao Town, Foshan city, Guangdong Province
  • Email: Julien.zhuliren@gmail.com

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