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Bestlearning English Shi Jiazhuang Center

About Bestlearning English Shi Jiazhuang Center

Best Learning is an after-school English program for young learners from 2-12 years old in China. Best Learning has over 20 schools in China currently and at rapid growth rate each year. Best Learning teaches Reading, Math, Science and social studies through its K-12 program which are on level with American primary school system. All Best Learning classes are taught by Native English speaking teachers mostly coming from Northern America. Best Learning now employed over 50 American teachers for over 2000 kids in China. 

At Best learning, all textbooks are provided by McGraw-Hill, one of leading publishers for textbooks used in millions of U.S classrooms. 

As exclusive textbook provider to Best learning, McGraw-Hill introduces the best teaching materials adapted to fit Chinese kids.Students as well as teachers benefited greatly by using the authentic textbooks similar to American kids used in American school. Best Learning academic professionals design a comprehensive teaching plan to guide teachers in the daily teaching activities.



school name:   Bestlearning English Shi Jiazhuang center
school type:  Civilian-run school
working place:          4th floor, No.32,GuangAn street,Shi Jiazhuang,HeBei province
working period /week:    
   )Five days per week(35-40hours per week)
Time for every class hour:
   One hour
classes per week:
  25-30 hours
The number of students in per class:
    12-15人12-15 person
student age:
2.5 to 12 years old
Contents of courses:
    The McGraw-Hill Company's courseware combines the multi-media electronic interactive 
salary:7000-9000RMB per month 
accommodation fee:
     Be free of charge
     The details is according to the 
    《Foreign staffs accommodation management regulations》
accommodation facilities:
    Two bedrooms and one living room share
Business lunch:
    )1-2 meals every day(include lunch and dinner)
Visa type:
   Work Visa
Charge for overtime:
    80/小时80RMB per hour
Travel allowance:
    Temporarily no
one round trip airline ticket:
    6000RMBAfter a full year work can apply for 6000RMB reimbursement
accident insurance: Afford
Medical Allowance: Afford
Pickup from the airport within the province:
    Beijing/Shi Jiazhuang airport




Additional Information

  • Contact person: Sammi
  • Phone number: 0571-88165968
  • Current location: Hebei
  • Address: Shijiazhuang ,Hebei
  • Email:

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