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About 1-Stop Translation Company

1-Stop Translation was founded in 1994 in Seoul, Korea, and now has developed into a global company, headquartered in Los Angeles, also has branches in China and South Korea. 1-Stop Translation's aim is to provide integrated services such as translation and localization. Multilingual projects in very experienced and services ranging from simple translation to desktop publishing system using complex arrangement of the layout and design.
We are not only focus on the best high-end talent, but more high regard for your potential, you love learning, and innovative spirit. You may now climb the highest peak is in the journey, if you believe that through the cultivation of horses and their own efforts, will be able to accomplish something, please contact us.

Additional Information

  • Contact person: Eileen
  • Phone number: 0571-88165968
  • Current location: Dalian
  • Address: ABC, Shenyang, Liaoning province
  • Email: eileen@1stoptr.com

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