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About Factual Inc

Description Factual is looking for fast-working, highly focused individuals with strong attention to detail and correctness, great organizational skills, and wide-ranging interests and areas of expertise.

Vacancies: 3 Full time positions available.

The ideal candidate would:

  • Have a degree in engineering, science, or linguistics
  • Be eager to learn new tools and skills related to data and analysis
  • Be able to propose out-of-the-box strategies based on insights about data
Desired Skills:
  • Excellent web research skills
  • Have either excellent English communication skills or other additional language skills
  • Experience in working with large amounts of data and/or data qa
  • Use your skills and experience in conjunction with company tools to assess data quality
  • Research and analyze data on the web, including finding and evaluating data sources and providing answers for specific data questions
  • Research domain-specific data standards in a variety of subjects (eg., international points of interest, health, entertainment, education)
  • Apply data generation software and scripts
  • Thoroughly document findings, assumptions, and conclusions
  • Provide feedback and direction for improving data sets by adding new data and correcting old data
  • Author specifications to improve data processing and natural language processing, if appropriate

Additional Information

  • Contact person: sammi
  • Phone number: 0571-88165968
  • Current location: Shanghai
  • Address: shanghai
  • Email: 98611115@qq.com

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