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Beijing Zhongjia Space&Display Design Co., Ltd

About Beijing Zhongjia Space&Display Design Co., Ltd

    Employer Name: Beijing Zhongjia Space&Display Design Co., Ltd
    Since its founding in 1999, Zhongjia has increasingly met and exceeded client expectations, especially in developing brand service "from scratch" in the northern region of China. During these eleven years, our teams have earned the fruits of their tireless labors, accumulating invaluable experience in developing industry-leading brand service; eleven years of treasuring the praise from our clients - praise that has rewarded and motivated ever-greater levels of professionalism; eleven years of client forbearance, respect, and support which are indelibly imprinted in our corporate consciousness and woven into the fabric of our corporate identity; eleven years of reaping success after success and basking in the happiness those successes have wrought.

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  • Contact person: Sammi
  • Phone number: 0571-88165968
  • Current location: Beijing
  • Address: Beijing
  • Email:

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