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Rapid development in China in the last five to ten years means that teachers coming to China can enjoy all the comforts available in other Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea. For those venturing into Asia for the first time, however, the excitement of living and working in a constantly evolving country, different from anything they might have experienced before, is the biggest draw. There are many opportunities to experience local culture, and to see what it's really all about.
At Shane English School's China we teach students from the ages of 3 up to adult learners and we have courses and texts to cater for the various levels. Shane English School's students are categorized into levels depending on age and ability.
We teach form a variety of texts and materials from EZ colour for CP students The FAB book series for CK level students, SPEC 1-6  for CL students, Chatterbox series for CH students and Cutting Edge series for CJ students. Adult learners may choose to study one of the books we offer or if they choose they may study from a textbook they have supplied. In addition to the standard courses Shane offers we also run intensive courses during the winter and summer holidays. We offer intensive courses in the following areas;
Intensive courses typically run for 2 – 3 weeks with around 4 classes a week. Additional training is given to teachers who are selected to teach the intensive courses.

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