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EduChina Group is a professional and international research and service organization which was founded in April 2003. After years of broad range research and practice in elementary education, we accumulated experiences and resources in the education field. Our stable network and professional advantages provide a multi-dimensional moderate education and service platform.

In the aspect of educational service, our education service system operates with “Education Service Provider”. We provide service to over two thousands schools including: academic experiments, school development, professional training, subject instruction, characteristic building and international education. We host training programs and educational exchanges for more than one hundred thousands professors and principles as well as self-quality building for over millions of students. In addition, we participate in practical education through a wide range of professional work.

In terms of school running, we believe in “grow with all of our efforts, educate with all of our hearts, and serve with all of our abilities”. Also, we believe in an innovative high quality international education system. We have 1 international bilingual school, 12 kindergartens, quite a few high school international program centers and 3 online institutes for different families and students with different needs and wants.

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  • Contact person: Sammi
  • Phone number: 0571-88165968
  • Current location: Beijing
  • Address: Beijing
  • Email:

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