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Zhong-Tian International Kindergarten

About Zhong-Tian International Kindergarten

School information
Since 1907, Montessori education has been widely accepted as the way to develop a person as a whole. The aim of Montessori education is to aid children in all facets of their development. The Montessori schools in the US ranges from kindergarten up to highschool . It achieves its goal by providing an environment conducive for orderly hands-on experiences initiated by the children themselves in a respectful manner. The character traits bred in such a loving community are the foundations for a child's success in the future. Among the many that have received a Montessori education, two of the most well known students are the founders of Google. Montessori schools nurture children to be confident, self-motivated, and wholesome individuals with the habit to never stop learning. These traits are important for leaders in the present, and will continue to be important for leaders in the future. This is why upper-middle class families around the world continue to choose Montessori schools for their children.
Why should you choose our Montessori for your child?
We have experts on campus that hold internationally accredited degrees in Montessori education to meet the needs of 0-12 year old students. With their help we are training the first solid team of Montessori teachers in Dong Yang.  We also have a parenting school to aid parents in providing a consistent learning environment for children at home. In addition, our school is the training base for teachers from other Montessori schools all over China.  

Additional Information

  • Contact person: Sammi
  • Phone number: 0571-88165968
  • Current location: Other
  • Address: Wenzhou
  • Email:

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