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    About the University: Founded in 1958, nearly 50 years ago, Zhejiang A & F University (ZAFU) is a comprehensive university directly under the auspices of Zhejiang Province offering bachelor and master degrees in agriculture, technology, science, literature, management, law, economics, medicine, etc. and enrolling international students as well as students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.
    ZAFU, located in Lin’an City (west of the popular tourist destination Hangzhou) has Yijin and East Lake campuses covering nearly 167 hectares with 550,000 square meters of building space. Its modern buildings and facilities in a setting of great natural beauty, surrounded by mountains and water, make ZAFU a most suitable place for learning, teaching, and conducting research. The campus combined with the botanical garden comprise an ecological environment with functions of teaching, scientific research, and biodiversity conservation.
    ZAFU has 16 teaching schools, colleges and division: School of Agriculture and Food Science, School of Forestry and Biotechnology, School of Environmental Science and Technology, School of Engineering, School of Landscape Architecture, School of Economics and Management, School of Humanities, School of Information and Engineering, School of Foreign Languages, School of Tourism and Health, School of Tea Culture, School of Science, School of Art Design, International College, Continuing Education College and Division of Physical & Military Training. It has 47 undergraduate majors, among them 1 national characteristic major and 8 key provincial major. ZAFU also has national excellent subjects, 11 provincial excellent subjects and 1 Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstrate Center. It is authorized to award 1 first-class master’s degree in forestry engineering and 15 second-class master's degrees in science, technology, literature, management, agriculture, law etc.

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  • Contact person: Sammi
  • Phone number: 0571-88165968
  • Current location: Hangzhou
  • Address: Hangzhou
  • Email: 903915997@qq.com

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