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Tips for Group Interview

Some companies, especially those with large recruitment requirements for lesser skilled staff (larger retailers spring to mind), will sometimes opt for group interview and testing sessions that can la  Read more »

China to build training "base" for job-hunting college students

The Chinese government is to build a "base" in the eastern Shandong Province to offer vocational training for college students from around the country, the Ministry of Science and Technology announce  Read more »

China's leading home appliance retailer to employ 20,000 migrant workers

China's home appliance and electronics retail giant Gome will conduct a nationwide recruitment campaign to offer about 20,000 vacancies to migrant workers. The new employees will be added to the ret  Read more »

Tips for Informal Interviews

Informal Interviews Some managers will meet with job seekers on an informal, nothing ventured - nothing gained basis, simply to keep themselves aware of locally available talent. Though under-utilis  Read more »

Tricks for Screening Interviews

Screening Interviews Screening interviews are usually undertaken by HR / Personnel staff or by third party recruiters like me. The aim of the screening interview, which can be undertaken by telephon  Read more »

Tips for Panel Interview

Panel interviews are most common in larger companies and local / central government departments. Walking through a door only to find that you have three or four interviewers lined up to conduct your   Read more »

Procedure for Getting a job in Beijing

Employment of foreigners in Beijing refers to the act of those who have not obtained the right of permanent residenc, work and receive remunerations for their work in accordance with law within the Ch  Read more »

Tips for Work in China

Working in China Working in China or being assigned to work in China is very common now. Either you are sent to China by your company or you apply for a job to be stationed in China. Applying for a j  Read more »

Top 18 Tips on Working with Chinese Partners

Businesspeople interested in doing business in China will benefit from knowing the Chinese mindset and practicing the following practical cross-border skills. Chinese Business Practices 1. Respect t  Read more »

Learn to enjoy your job

“Loving” your job could be as simple as imagining how happy you could be. That’s the advice of Robert Gerrish, business coach and founder of small business website Flying Solo. “Ask yourself w  Read more »

China hope for overseas jobless

When the best job Mikala Reasbeck could find after college in Boston was counting pills part-time in a drugstore for $7 an hour, she took the drastic step of jumping on a plane to Beijing in February   Read more »

Procedures for Foreigners Working in China

Foreigners who want to work in China should first get in touch with a valid Chinese employer who has an employment license for foreigners issued by related labour administrative bureaus. Foreigners w  Read more »

Redundancy: Plan your Payout

article from: the sunday telegraph With the business sector beginning to look like a war zone, job security is no longer a sure thing and none of us is safe from the dreaded tap on the shoulder.  Read more »

Best Tips on Writing a Resignation Letter

It seems many people hate writing their resignation letter high on their list of things they hate doing. However, by keeping the letter simple you can stop worrying and just get on with it. Unless   Read more »

Apply for the Foreign Experts Certificates

1. The requirements:  The economic and technical foreign experts and the cultural and educational foreign experts who have got the working permit in China and entered in to Hunan with working visas ca  Read more »

Laws and Regulations Governing Foreigners in China

The Chinese government is strict concerning adherence to its laws and regulations. If a foreign teacher breaks the Chinese laws, they are subject to Chinese punishment, incarceration, and/or deportati  Read more »

Basis Knowledge for Paying Tax

Resident taxpayers include individuals with a residence in the Chinese territory or those who do not have a residence in China but have lived in China for a whole year during a taxation year. Residen  Read more »

Best Tips for Job Hunting in China

Job-Hunting Tips Since there are many general books on job-hunting strategies, this section concentrates on job-hunting tips specific to technical communicators. CV Portfolio Writing Tests CVYou s  Read more »

human resources

Vacancies available Copyeditors: 1.Native English Speakers only. 2.Journalistic experience and good news-writing skills,. 3.A good command of the English language. 4.Commitment and  Read more »

Online video interview, new trend in job hunting in China

In China, more and more employers are using web-based video job interviews to screen candidates for employment. "For our new company, the video interview could save time and money for us and our cand  Read more »

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