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Two students offered university admissions after bus rescue

Posted 2019/6/11

Ten days ago, two high school seniors confronted a man wielding a knife on a bus. Their bravery saved the lives of many passengers, but left the students injured and unable to write the national college entrance exams. However, their story now has a happy ending, as at least five universities, including the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing, have contacted the two with admissions offers. 

A regular bus ride in Yichun of Jiangxi province turned violent.

"This is the suspect. At noon on May 31st, he got on a bus with a red bag. A knife was inside the bag. And then he walked straight to the back of the bus." said Gong Junqing, Director, Command Center, Yichun Police Bureau.

Without warning the man took out the knife and started attacking other passengers. In a panic, the driver stopped the bus, and everyone bolted for an exit. Everyone except for Liu Yanbing and Yi Zhengyong, who confronted the attacker.

Liu and Yi are both high school seniors. At the time of the attack, they were just a week away from writing the highly important national college entrance exams, also known as the Gaokao.

With little time to recover from their injuries, the two were forced to miss the exams. On Saturday, education officials said they would allow the students to sit for the Gaokao at another time.

"I’m so happy. I can still feel the pressure. I will try my best on the exams." said Liu Yanbing, High School Senior, Yichun, Jiangxi Province.

"When I heard this news I was thrilled. I will recover soon and then I will study and review at home. I want to go to a good university." said Yi Zhengyong, High School Senior, Yichun, Jiangxi Province.

Meanwhile, the suspected attacker has been detained by police. Authorities have identified him as Qiu Ganhua, a 26-year-old unemployed man from Yichun.

"The suspect is anti-social and depressed. He doesn’t talk much. We asked him why he did what he did. And he answered in just one sentence 'I feel unbalanced'". said Yang Zhenyao, Yuanzhou Branch, Yichun Police Bureau.

The case is still under investigation. And while Liu and Yi are still recovering in hospital, they received some good news on Monday. Five post-secondary schools, including Tsinghua University and the Beijing Institute of Technology, have offered to admit the students. Still, doctors say the young heroes need to rest before returning to their studies. 

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