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How to Apply for your Chinese Visa

All international travelers to China must carry two essential documents: passports from their home countries as well as Chinese visas. A passport is a form of identification that is recognized in near  Read more »

China Visa Application Procedures

When you apply, you'll need to know whether you need a single entry, double entry or a multiple entry visa. Single and double entry visas are valid for six months from the date of issue, and multiple   Read more »

How to apply for China Travel Visas

Many people do not know how to properly prepare for a trip to China--this is dangerous, as failure to procure China travel visas can cause a traveler to be sent back home before reaching his or her de  Read more »

How to Apply for China Business Visas

There are several different categories of visas to choose from--you'll need to know which you need when you apply. Each country has its own unique categories for types of visas--these categories defin  Read more »

How to Apply for Resident Visa

Resident Visa (D Visa) is issued to an alien who comes to reside permanently in China. ��.Please submit the following documents for your application: 1. Passport: Your valid passport must have at lea  Read more »

How to Apply For China Transit Visa

G Visa (Transit Visa) The crew and the passengers on airplane who transit through China by direct flying without leaving the airport and their staying time at the transit airports in China is less th  Read more »

Waterway Service for Foreigners

China's vast maritime territory encompasses the Bohai, Yellow and East China seas in the east and the South China Sea in the south. While the Bohai Sea nestles in the arms of the mainland, the Yellow,  Read more »

How to Change a Flight

1. A normal fare ticket is valid for carriage for one year from the date of commencement of travel, or from the date of issue thereof if no portion of it is used. The validity of a special fare ticket  Read more »

General Introduction to Chinese Visa

What is a visa? A Visa is the remark, annotation or seal of approval on a legal and valid passport or other travel credentials of a foreign or domestic citizen, which is issued by the international   Read more »

How to Apply for the Foreign Experts Certificates

1. The requirements:  The economic and technical foreign experts and the cultural and educational foreign experts who have got the working permit in China and entered in to Hunan with working visas ca  Read more »

Chinese visa and the procedure for visa application

A Brief Introduction to Chinese ViSA 1)Chinese visa is a permit issued to a foreigner by the Chinese visa authorities for entry into, exit from or transit through the Chinese territory. The Chinese v  Read more »

Visa application

A brief introduction of Chinese visa and the procedure for Visa application  Chinese visa is a permit issued to a foreigner by the Chinese visa authorities for entry into, exit from or transit throu  Read more »

introduction to tourist visa

A tourist visa, issued to aliens who come to china for sightseeing and visiting relatives, is marked with "L" in the many kinds of Chinese visas. Visa L is characterized by a short duration of stay,  Read more »

Get a Visa in Hongkong to Extend Your Stay in China

If you are reading this article, then you are probably staying, or planning to stay, in China longer than a regular tourist visa will allow, and you are considering your options. First, you need to   Read more »

Supports on New Visa-free Policy

The capital should study passenger flow and draw up supporting services to complement Beijing's 72-hour visa-waiver offer, a political adviser has said. Despite the opportunities that have arisen t  Read more »

Visa for 5 Years Set for Stamp of Approval

Multiple-entry visas, valid for up to five years, will soon be on offer in a bid to attract more top talent. The Exit and Entry Administration Law, which comes into effect in July, will also introduc  Read more »

Foreigners Get Bigger Fines in Exit-entry Law

Shanghai fined and punished more than 500 foreigners for illegally staying in the country after China imposed its new exit-entry law in July, according to statistics provided by the city's immigrati  Read more »

Application for Residence Permit and Visa by Foreign Experts (Teachers) Working in China

 Foreign experts (teachers) working in China and their family members (spouse, underage children ) should hold Visa "Z" (work) to enter China and apply for, within 30 days of entry, residence permit t  Read more »

Warm Prompt for Visa/Stay permit and Residence Permit Application (Temporary)

I. The Process TimeThe whole process of issuing a visa/stay permit will take 7 working days, while the residence permit will take 15 working days. Applicants can stay in China legally with the receipt  Read more »

How to apply for residence permit in China?

It is not your visa but your residence permit that gives you the right to live in China. Upon arrival in China, you have 30 days to obtain your residence permit.Your initial visa grants you the right   Read more »

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