How to Change a Flight

Posted 2020/3/12

1. A normal fare ticket is valid for carriage for one year from the date of commencement of travel, or from the date of issue thereof if no portion of it is used. The validity of a special fare ticket is specified by the carrier in accordance with its relevant regulations. The validity is calculated from 24:00 of the date of the commencement of travel or of ticket issue to 24:00 of the date of expiration.

2. Types of ticket change: change the type of class, change the date and change the carrier etc. The handling of the changes is in accordance with if passengers are voluntary or involuntary.

3. If a passenger requests a refund, please fill in a refunding card. Except loss of ticket, passengers must present all untapped flight coupons and passenger coupons. Passengers' requirements for refunds are not accepted unless it's in the period of validity. If the passenger is voluntary to return tickets, the procedure should be handled at the following places: a. The original ticket office where passengers purchased tickets if not depart from the area. b. The local carrier's ticket office or its duly authorized agent ticket office if passengers have departed from the origin place. The open tickets holder can only return tickets at the original ticket offices where he or she purchased tickets.


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