How to Extend Foreigner Visa in China

Posted 2020/3/12

If you want to spend more time in China, want a multiple entry, or need to have a different visa type, you can - in many circumstances – apply within China. Renewing a foreign visa in China requires a bit more paperwork than other countries.  This guide we’ll hopefully help speed up the process for you.
About Tourist (L) Visa’s in China
A tourist visa, also known as Type L Visa is commonly given out for a 30 day term.  You can apply for a double or multiple entry visa and will be granted multiple visits over a 6-12 month period (depending on what you ask for and what city you ask for it).  For US Citizens, it’s the same charge as a single entry visa, $130, for other countries, it runs from $30-$90 depending on the number of entries and time till expiration.
Extended your Chinese Tourist Visa
China does not have a process to ‘extend’ a current visa, instead they will grant you a brand new visa, so technically, you will have two separate (and both valid) visas.  This means you’ll need all the proper paperwork, and for US Citizens, another $130 USD.
Documents needed to (extend / apply for a new) Chinese Tourist “L” Visa
Not in Beijing – Beijing has more stringent visa requirements that require ¥20,000 RMB in a Chinese Bank.
Cash Money – ¥940 ($130 USD) for Americans, much less for other citizens.  Cash is king here, they don’t take credit cards nor foreign checks.
Black Pen – I need to say this, as they had us redo pages of forms because we used ‘evil’ blue ink!  Personally, I they should make ‘red’ the official pen color to match the party.
Passport – Your passport and visa to leave with them for 5 working days
Photo – One 2 inch by 2 inch visa photo
Hotel Proof – Receipt from your hostel or hotel, with an official stamp to show you’re staying there.  Let them know it’s for the Visa PSB office as it’s different then a normal receipt.
Bank Info – A copy of the front of a bank card that has money in it.
I don’t know what the minimum amount is, but there is no way they can check, so I would recommend telling them you have over $4,000 USD.
A copy of your passport information page
A copy of your visa page from your passport
A copy of your official hotel/hostel receipt
A copy of your bank info
And be sure to check for Chinese Holidays as they are frequent and a great excuse to shut down an office building for 1 or more days.
And if you’re a couple travelling, be sure to have copies for each person, even on things like a shared bank account.  I was able to use 1 bank credit card, photocopied twice for my wife and I who share the same last name (but the bank card had my first name).
Different Cities, Different Requirements
Different cities in China have different requirements for extending, a.k.a., applying for a new visa.
There are several visa types for foreigner in China such as, L, Z, or X. Different visas have different requirements. If you have some doubts and questions about that, please inquire us.

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