China releases new visa rules for foreigners

Posted 2020/3/12

Several new regulations in China take effect today, including a visa rules. There is now a new category R visa to attract more foreign talent. There will also be tougher penalties are for people who overstay their visas. But as Teressa Siu reports, many applicants and lawyers are confused.

For 20 years, Gary Chodorow has been representing thousands of clients to obtain work visas and residence permits.

He says the new visa Category R for high-calibre overseas talents is a step forward for China.

Visa R refers to high-level, high-skilled professionals with five years experience and in short supply.

Further qualifications are still pending.

Others will apply for the existing Z visa.

Legal representatives say the rules between Types R and Z are blurry.

American Tyler Berry isn’t sure where he fits in.He’s on a student visa and has a job offer from a local law firm.

More questions for Berry as all applicants must prove they have no criminal record.

Liu says he’s losing business. His law firm isn’t representing clients for work visas until there is a clear picture.

One thing that is clear though. Foreign talents qualified for the R visa will see a shorter process. One and a half months, compared to two months for the Z visa.

Three other types are also introduced.

M replaces the current F for business and commercial visits.

Q for family reunions.

S for private visits such as divorce, inheritance, adoption, marriage or medical services.

Legal experts say the new regulations are China’s way to tackle overstays for foreigners. Thousand of cases have been reported.

Qu Yunhai, deputy director of Bureau of Exit-Entry Administration, said, "Now we can detain and expel those who have been involved in illegal employment. This was not clearly addressed in previous regulation"

It will now take foreigners 15 days or more to renew residence permits.

Reporter: "Comes the new rules, comes harsher penalties. Anyone illegally employed will face a maximum fine of 20,000 RMB, risk deportation and five year block from entering China. Overstayers pay a 10,000 maximum."


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