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"Salary Theorem" states that: "Engineers and scientists can never earn as much as business executives and sales people." This theorem can now be supported by a mathematical equation based on   Read more »

Chinese Migrant Workers' Salary

Zhang Xiongshen sits idly at a job fair in Dongguan, a migrant-intensive factory hub in Guangdong Province. He has failed to find a job after looking for two weeks. The factory technician ha  Read more »

Executive salaries outpace profits

Although most Chinese publicly traded firms posted gloomy 2008 annual earnings reports, the average management salaries at some of these companies still saw distinct climbs. According to fina  Read more »

China to boost spending on welfare, education, health care

The Chinese government pledged on Thursday to increase spending on social programs including pension and medical reform in 2009 despite pressure from the international financial crisis. "The more dif  Read more »

Top brass may get no pay hikes

Senior executives at nearly a quarter of Chinese companies would see no increase in their compensation packages this year, a survey by human resources consulting firm, Mercer, has found.In a  Read more »

Salary level for foreign teachers in 15 major cities of China

1. Shenzhen深圳 Kindergarten and middle schools7000-18000RMB/month, 12-22 teaching hours/weekLanguage training center7000-13000RMB/month, 20 teaching hours/week2. Beijing北京Kindergarten and middle school  Read more »

Talking about Salary for new job

Talking about a salary for a potential new job is a task many people dread or feel ill equipped to deal with. Researching salaries First, you need to know the current salary range for the role. Sal  Read more »

Most HK university graduates willing to work in mainland: survey

About 70 percent of university students in Hong Kong are willing to work in the Chinese mainland after graduation, especially in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing, according to a survey released o  Read more »

hk govz't cuts civil sevice recruits'starting salary

Starting salaries for 36 basic ranks of civil-service recruits in degree-qualification grades will be reduced by two pay points, the Civil Service Bureau of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region go  Read more »

Average salary of foreign teacher in China

We survey the foreign teacher's average monthly basic salary on a national level.You can research the approximate range of about foreign teachers's basic salaries by geographic location. Keep in mi  Read more »

Salary level for foreign teachers in 15 major cities of China

1. Shenzhen 深圳 Kindergarten and middle schools 7000-18000RMB/month, 12-22 teaching hours/week Language training center 7000-13000RMB/month, 20 teaching hours/week 2. Beijing 北京 Kindergarten a  Read more »

Foreign Teachers Salary Accoding to Different Qualification

Generally speaking, China's foreign teachers have lower fixed salary than that of middle schools, kindergartens and training school’s compared with ones of Chinese universities, however, the pay in hi  Read more »

China's college teachers struggling for higher income

Teachers at Chinese colleges and universities are struggling to make ends meet, according to a survey conducted by China's higher education association. The survey, cited by Thursday's China Youth D  Read more »

Consumption Index in Chinese Main City

Consumption index mainly includes the general entertainment consuming, comprehensive consumer price, accidental consuming evaluation (real estate consuming is excluded for the different polices in di  Read more »

Top 10 China Universities Paying Highest Salary for Foreign Teachers

Teaching in China is a wonderful choice for foreigners to experience Chinese culture. After an analysis of the average compensation level of the universities, we make a list of 10 universities which c  Read more »

Salary of Foreign English Teacher in China

Salary of Foreign English Teacher in China The average salary of Foreign English teacher in China working for a leading language school, between 6,000 – 16,000 RMB (1,000 – 2,500 US dollars) pe  Read more »

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