Senior SOA Architect

Additional Information

  • Post Title: Senior SOA Architect
  • category: Construction, Arch. & Interiors
  • subcategory: Architecture jobs
  • No. of Vacancies: 1
  • Location: Beijing
  • Posting duration: 2009/4/16 ~ 2009/6/30
  • Level of Spoken Chinese: Fluent
  • Nationality: all
  • Education: bachelor
  • Work Experience: One Year
  • Gender: F/M
  • Age:
  • Work Status: Fulltime
  • Salary: negotiate
  • Position responsibilities and other requirements:

1. Organizing the project infrastructure design; 

2. In charge of the interface between the design of technologies and standards; 

3. In charge of project development to ensure the quality of the key technologies
   involved in the project design and assessment of the workload assessment; 

4. Responsible for project management. 


1. Computer or University full-time relevant professional and above (inclusive) education; 

2. With more than 8 years work experience and 6 years or above IT related areas of financial sector development,    implementation or management experience; 

3. Presided over and participated in more than two large-scale project design and    development work; Prefer with IBM / BEA / TIBCO experience.

4. Familiar with the SOAP / XML and other protocols and standards of service with  

   the actual planning, the experience of services division size 

5. Have the necessary banking knowledge;Familiar with the banking system, and business products.

6. With BPM / ESB product of experience. 

7. Have a relevant professional qualification or certification is preferred.


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