A Brief---Teaching in China

Posted 2020/3/15

Teaching and living in China is an incredible experience. You will become the centre of attention. People will want to talk to you. They will want to know your opinion on everything and want to be your friend, such is the friendly nature of Chinese people.

Once arrived at your chosen school, you must familiarize yourself with your new environment. A Foreign Teacher is generally expected to complete 18-20 teaching lessons per week, each lesson is for a period of 40-45 minutes. These are termed academic hours.

There are two terms to a Chinese schooling year. Term one is from September through to Mid-January, then from mid-February through to mid to late June. Schools are employing foreign teachers all year round, and as such so is our organization.

 As a teacher in China , you will probably not get rich. Salaries for foreign teachers are generally in the range of ¥3000-¥6000 per month, which is around $USD360-$USD730 per month. These are mainly with a college certificate through to Bachelors degree (of any field). If you have a Masters degree, you can get a somewhat higher salary. Salaries are also dependent on the number of teaching hours you do, the more hours, the higher the salary. In addition, you will get about ¥2000($USD180) extra as a travel allowance, plus your airfare reimbursement. With all this in mind, one must understand that the cost of living in china is extremely low, and your accommodation is usually provided by the school. In general we can say most teachers receive:

 1. Competitive salary
2. Airfare reimbursement
3. Travel allowance
4. Fully furnished and equipped modern apartment
5. All utilities paid
6. Working schedule of between 18-20, 45 minute classes per week
7. Airport pick up
8. School sponsored excursions
9. And of course full access to our expertise and suppor

 There are many different places for a teacher to teach in China . They include:
- Kindergartens

- Primary schools

- Middle schools (contain Junior and Senior levels)

- Universities

- College

- Language Centres (these usually teach on weekends, evenings and school holidays when their students are learning additionally outside their school or work hours)

- Other places such as company offices, community halls or private homes

 The Network arranges employment for foreign teachers throughout the country, Mostly, the work will be in large cities with many facilities and amenities readily available.

When the teacher arrives at his or her school, an introduction to the school governing/leading bodies and most of the Chinese- English staff will take place. Also an orientation of the city will occur. The Foreign Director will provide a detailed description of the teacher’s employment requirements and a full description of all the details relating to foreign teacher rights, duties and responsibilities. Such details will provided to the teacher prior to arrival in China through our Case and Placement Managers who will be assigned to individual teachers.

Within approximately 4 weeks, all processing of details in China will take place and will be completed, details such as medical examinations, Foreign Residency permits (to reside permanently in China for the period stipulated on the permit) and Foreign Experts Certificate (a certificate which permits the holder/bearer to teach English in china).

Most teachers have access to textbooks and teaching materials, there are many resources available from the school, assistance will be provided should you require more material. It is desirable to bring with you some items of interest from your homeland that may be of interest to students during lessons.

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