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Shijiazhuang Best Learning English School is in Great Need of Teachers

Posted 2020/3/15

学校基本信息Shijiazhuang Best Learning English School Details  
Name of Institution /School学校名称    Brand: Shijiazhuang Best Learning English School  
                                                                The official name: Shijiazhang changanqu Taimei training School  
HQ Address总部地址                             全国总部北京Beijing 
Downtown Area or not? 是否在市区    The center of Shijiazhuang City石家庄市中心 
                                                                 (Shijiazhuang is the capital city of Hebei province) 石家庄为河北省省会 
Current Foreign Teachers 现有外教数量    Shijiazhuang center : 10 石家庄10名外教 
                                                                   Whole Best Learning: around 400 全国400名外教 
Number of centers 校区数量                    Shijiazhuang center:4 石家庄泰美学校 4所(贝乐1-2所)  
                                                                   Whole Best Learning : 40 全国贝乐40所 

职位信息 Job Details 
Subject To Teach 教学科目                        Pre-k: English such as phonics/words/sentences   
                                                                     K-Grade 6: reading、math、science、social study 
Teaching Hours per week每周课时            25 teaching hours  
Office Hours per week每周办公时间        10 office hours 
Working Days per week 每周工作时间     35 hours 
Students’ Age学生年龄                               3-12 years old 
Class Size班级学生数量                             15-16 students 
Duration of each class 每节课多长时间    45minutes 
Work location 工作地点                             Shijiazhuang  (the capital city of Hebei province) 

外教需求信息Foreign Teachers Requirements 
Nationality国籍要求                                   nationality: USA/ Canada 优先美国、加拿大 
                                                                     others: English native speaker such as British/Australia/South Africa 
Numbers Needed所需外教数量                  2 
Degree 学历要求                                          Bachelor学士学位 
Major专业要求                                            No 
Sex Required性别要求                                 No  
Age Required年龄要求                                20-40 
Teaching Experience 教学经验                     No 
Arrival time 要求到位时间                          As soon as possible 尽快 
Other Requirement 其他要求                       English native speaker, white 英语为母语,白人老师。  
相关待遇 Terms of Employment 
Contract Length合同时间                              1.5-2 years 

◆Junior teachers初级教师:No teaching experience 
12000-14000RMB including housing bonus (before tax) 
10000-12000RMB including housing bonus (after tax) 
◆Intermediate teachers中级教师:more than 1 year teaching experience 
 15000-17000RMB including housing bonus (before tax) 
 13000-14000RMB including housing bonus (after tax) 
◆Senior teachers高级教师:more than 2 years teaching experience 
18000-22000 RMB including housing bonus (before tax) 
15000-20000RMB including housing bonus (before tax) 

Airfare Allowance 机票津贴                     6000RMB when finish the contract 合同期满6000元。 
Insurance保险                                            Yes 有 
Apartment 公寓情况                                 1000RMB housing bonus every month 每月1000元住房补贴 
Utility 水电宽带等由谁支付                    teacher 
Meals Offered? 是否提供工作餐              yes 
Over Work Allowance 超时津贴               yes 
Holidays 假期                                            Chinese traditional holiday、spring festival holiday、summer holiday 
Paid Holidays是否享有带薪假期             26 days paid holiday 
If you are interested, plz contact:
Tel: 0086-571-88165968

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