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English and Japanese Teachers are Needed in Jilin Normal University

Posted 2020/3/15

The Recruitment of Foreign Teachers
There are six foreign language majors in Boda College of Jilin Normal University, namely, English, French, German, Russian, Korea and Japanese. We are going to recruit two English teachers as our foreign experts for the next year English teaching. Our requirements, wages and benefits provided are as the follows:
1. Requirements: The candidates should be native language speakers, and have bachelor’s degrees or above.
2. Wages and benefits: Boda College provide the foreign experts with excellent working and living environments. The foreign experts are paid 6,000 RMB or above each month(Every week the experts have 18 teaching periods and each period is 45 minutes. The overtime work will be paid 80 yuan for each period) as their wages and 10,200 RMB each year as their airfees and travel allowances. They are also provided with life and health insurances, paid vacations and holidays (The summer vacation is from July to the end of August and the winter vacation from January to the end of February), free Chinese classes, free well-equipped single apartments (more than 60 square meters). And, for the conveniences of living and working, the foreign experts are allocated life assistants.
If you are interested, plz contact: 
Tel: 0086-571-88165968 

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