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Native English Teacher Needed in Chongqing Accolade English Institute

Posted 2020/3/15

l Accolade English Institute
     Accolade English Institute was originally established in 2005, and is a foreign language training school that employs certified (Foreign Expert Certificate), experienced foreign teachers from English speaking countries. We also employ Chinese English majors with TEM-8 certification as teaching assistants.
     Originally established in the CBD of Wanzhou, Accolade English Institute caters to students of all ages and levels, from kindergarten through to college/university and adult. As the only government licensed independent foreign language school in Wanzhou, Accolade English Institute legally employs the services of teaching professionals from all over the world. Accolade English Institute is committed to providing the best English education for Chinese students and the best working conditions for foreign teachers. 
     Accolade English Institute is now at the forefront of quality English education in the entire Chongqing Municipality. We now have five branches in various locations, from 
downtown Chongqing to its satellite cities, Wanzhou, Fuling, and Kaixian.
     Accolade English Institute also has partnerships with Saide International School and ChongQing Information Technology College, which means more teaching opportunities and experiences for foreign teachers.
Teacher Recruitment Advertisement
岗位要求Requirements for Applicants:
性别Gender:     ■不限Open               
学历Education: ■本科Bachelor’s or above, in any discipline.
工作经验Work Experience:   ■二年及二年以上Two years or above.
年龄Age:      ■25-45 years old
国籍Nationality: ■母语(英国 UK,美国USA,澳大利亚Australia,加拿大Canada,新西兰New Zealand,   南非South Africa,爱尔兰Ireland)
语言Language: ■英语English (As the applicants first language, unless proficiency can be demonstrated during the interview process.)  
人数Positions available: ■1人One
证书 Required certification:  ■TEFL of CETL
Ø外包合同内容  Contract Details
学校是否取得聘外资格证Is the school SAFEA authorized to employ foreign teachers?:  ■是 yes   □否 no
合同时间Contract time:   ■一年one year
工作地点Working place: ■招聘单位所在地on campus   ■招聘单位以外off campus
工作时间Workload: ■25课时/周class per week (45分钟/课时45 minutes per class)
工资水平Salary: 10000+ ~12000+
 课程设置Courses:     Provided             
饮食费用Meals: ■提供炊具后自理Cooking utensils provided.
免费汉语课程Free Mandarin course:  ■2-4课时/周  2-4 hours per week   
住宿地点Boarding place:  □校园内on campus   ■校园外 off campus
交通方式Transport: ■脚踏车 bike ■校车/公交车school bus/bus ■走路walk  ■其他other
住宿环境Boarding: ■公寓apartment
外教公寓是否符合外专局标准Is the accommodation“FAO Approved”for foreigners?:■是yes         
外教是否单独住一套公寓Is accommodation self-contained?: ■是yes   
公寓面积The floor space:  50-70    平方米 (Square meter)
■两卧室 Two bedrooms   ■客厅 Sitting Room   ■卫生间Bathroom/Toilet
■坐式马桶European Toilet ■厨房Kitchen   ■淋浴/Shower
■彩电Color TV ■英语频道-中央9 (CCTV9) English Channel   
■冰箱 Refrigerator ■全套家具 Complete set of furniture
■空调 Air conditioning ■洗衣/烘干设备Washing Machine   
■电话Telephone(IDD) ■全天供应电/热水/24-hour supply of electricity/hot/water/gas
    ■微波炉或烤箱Microwave/oven ■影蝶机DVD player.
    ■室内用品:床,地毯,枕头,毛巾,拖鞋A-Z miscellaneous items(bedding and all required appliances)
■各式炊具盘子,玻璃杯子,茶杯,锅,平底锅 All kinds of cooking utensils.
■电脑(连接互连网)Computer with internet access provided, if required.
家属和朋友是否可以拜访Can relatives and friend visit the teacher at school:■是 yes        
其他事宜Other items or conditions: ■ 可协商Negotiable  
Ø学校规模及周边设施 School Info. and Its Surroundings
学校规模 The size of the school:5 branches in 4 cities, 1 private college, and 1 associated full-grade school
是否寄宿 Does the school take boarders?:□是 yes ■否 no
学生人数Number of students:  Over 2000 students in total.   
教师人数Number of foreign teachers: 14  
学生年龄Student age range:  From 6 years old to adults.  
班级大小Class size: 25-30  students  
学生的英语程度Students’ English level: ■基础 Basic  ■中级Intermediate ■高级 Advanced
周边设施Nearby Facilities:
■24h超市 24h Stores  ■网吧Internet Bar ■公园Park          ■洗衣店 Laundry
■巴士站Bus Station   ■火车站 Railway Station ■飞机场Airport     ■其他Other
距学校最近的城市The name of the nearest large city:  Chongqing City /Chengdu
城市人口 Population:  1.7  百万人(million)
医疗设备是否齐全 Are there Medical Facilities available?:是yes■   否no□
In an emergency, how far is it to the best medical facilities? : Within 10 分钟Minutes
If you are interested, plz contact:
Tel: 0086-571-88165968

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